Knifewear Calgary's Kick-Ass Staff



Kevin Kent’s fascination with Japanese knives began while he was working as sous-chef for the legendary chef Fergus Henderson at St. John restaurant in London, England. In 2007, he began selling handcrafted Japanese knives out of a backpack on the back of his bicycle, while working as a chef at River Café in Calgary, Canada.

Since then, Knifewear has expanded to include five Canadian stores plus occasional pop-up stores across the country. Plans are also underway to open a store in Kyoto, Japan.

Kent is just as obsessed with Japanese knives as when he first held one, and a few times a year, he travels to Japan to meet with his blacksmith friends, to drink far too much sake, and to learn more about the ancient art of knife-making.He refuses to confess how many Japanese knives he owns….but he admits the number is rather high.

He also owns the tag from a T-shirt that Lou Reed once wore. It was cut out with a chef’s knife while the late rock musician was wearing it, in London, England.

Kevin's (current) Knife: Takeda AS Gyuto 240mm

Kevin Kent - Owner and Founder of Knifewear and the Takeda Gyuto


Since early 2010 Kasumi has been bringing a bit of class to Knifewear. She doesn't have a kilt, but does have a 1961 Jaguar. Though she insists she's not a knife nerd, we often catch her contemplating her next purchase. She makes bagels at home and ice cream too, how cool is that? If you prefer service in Japanese Kasumi is your girl.

Kasumi's Knife: Takamura Uchigumo Sujihiki 270mm

Kasumi and her knife, the 150mm Takamura san petty Kasumi and the Takamura Uchigumo Sujihiki


Naoto is the second part of our Japanese connection at the shop. He came to Canada 7 years ago and we aren't letting him go back. After getting angry with his roommate's dull knives, he started to dream of sharp Japanese knives. Naoto graduated from University of Calgary with a bachelor degree of art, majoring International Relations and finds that selling Japanese knives is his own way of doing international relations. Naoto is our point-man at the Calgary Farmers Market!

Naoto's Knife: Masakage Mizu Nakiri 165mm

Naoto and the Masakage Mizu Nakiri


Mike, our third kilt wearer, has been a chef for the past 15 years and has been a knife aficionado for most of them. His love of Japanese knives began, coincidentally, when Kevin started selling them. Mike decided that it was time to get out from behind the stoves and hanging out at Knifewear wasn’t paying the bills so he hired himself. Mike loves to talk about food and cooking as well as knives.

Mike's Knife: Masakage Kumo Sujihiki 270mm

Mike and his knife, the 270mm Masakage Kumo Sujihiki
Mike and the Masakage Kumo Sujihiki


yeah.. we um.. don't know much yet.. we just 'got' him!

Jeffrey's Knife: Masakage Kujira Santoku 165mm

Jeffrey and the Masakage Kujira Santoku


Destin loves sharp knives and he's huge fanboy for Japanese steel. He cooks a lot of pasta recipes like spaghetti and lasagna. He gets creative with sauces and spices when it comes to creativity. When He's not in the mood for that he cooks latino foods such as papusa and empanadas and lots of tacos. He loves taco recipes, hope he masters tacos one day.

Destin's Knife: Moritaka Ishime Gyuto 210mm

Destin and Moritaka Ishime Gyuto


Shawn came to us from Brookstreet Hotel. He’s been cooking for many many years and decided it was time for a change. He loves Asian food and is addicted to sharp knives. He also produces hip hop instrumentals. Shawn will be hosting our special event with the Unrefined Olive this month. His favorite knife is the Fujiwara Mabroshi Nikiri

Shawn's knife: Moritaka Ishime Sujihiki 300mm

Shawn and the Moritaka Ishime Sujihiki

Da Shop

Knifewear's Knife Store (Hamono-ya) quietly opened in March 2008. The Knife Store has become a destination/hang-out for those who love Japanese steel and are addicted to sharp. We carry knives not found in any other shop in Calgary. We like exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades.
We aim to offer expert knife knowledge, an enjoyable purchasing experience, after sale support and knife passion.


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